Rest of the World Delivery Methods and Carriers
(In stock items usually ship within 1-2 business days. Intervening U.S. or other International holidays may further affect delivery. Seasonal variances in shipping services could result in additional shipping time.)
* All pricing information on our site is in USD *

Country Shipping Speed Shipping Cost for First Item Each Additional Item
MEXICO (Calendars) Standard $17.99 $2.99
MEXICO (Games, Toys, Puzzles and Gifts) Standard $18.99 $2.99
MEXICO (All Items) Express $26.99 $1.99
LATIN AMERICA (All Items) Standard $21.99 $3.99
CARIBBEAN (All Items) Standard $19.99 $3.99
CARIBBEAN (All Items) Express $30.99 $2.99
ASIA (All Items) Standard $20.99 $2.99
ASIA (All Items) Express $33.99 $3.99
MIDDLE EAST (All Items) Standard $18.99 $2.99
MIDDLE EAST (All Items) Express $35.99 $3.99
REST OF THE WORLD (All Items) Standard $25.99 $3.99
REST OF THE WORLD (All Items) Express $55.99 $3.99

Rest of the World Duties and Taxes
The receiving party may be responsible for additional payments for duties, taxes, and brokerage fees to collect duties and taxes. shipping labels comply with international postal regulations for identifying contents and value. Orders refused due to duties and taxes are not eligible for refund.

Do you collect Duties and Taxes for International orders?

Yes. International customers may also be charged a fee by the postal carrier for the service of collecting duties and taxes. Since we ship to most countries, we are unable to estimate the cost of duties and taxes. This varies from country to country. Heavier items, such as calendar frames and gallery calendars will often incur duties and taxes due to the weight of the package. We are unable to issue refunds for orders that are refused by the customer.

What do you mean by business days?

Business days are considered to be Monday through Friday with the exception of intervening holidays. Click here for a list of UPS shipping holidays.

Can I order now and choose a later shipping date?

We are unable to offer scheduled delayed shipping at this time. The only items that we do not expect to ship out within 1 to 2 business days are items on Preorder or Backorder.