No worries! If you have received your order but it is incomplete, please first verify whether or not your order contains preorder items. Visit our Track Your Order page and verify the shipping status of all the items on your order. After you’ve confirmed that the missing items have shipped but were not included in your package, please contact Customer Service. is proud to offer hundreds of items that can be ordered on our site before their official release dates. Each item is assigned a release date, which represents the scheduled date of its arrival into our warehouse. These release dates are provided to by our suppliers and are subject to change without notice. In the interest of keeping our customers as informed as possible, will update these dates as soon as those changes are communicated to us. You can look at each items Product Detail Page for the most up-to-date release date that we have.
You will not be charged at the time you place your order for preorder merchandise. You may see an authorization in your account. When your order is shipping from our warehouse, you will be charged for the portion of your order that has shipped.
Preorder estimated delivery dates are the vendor’s best estimate of when we will receive the merchandise in our warehouse. Since they are estimates, we cannot guarantee your product will arrive by the date provided. As vendors provide updates, we update the Product Detail Page. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide individual customer updates at this time, but we are working on a solution in the near future.