Yes, we accept submissions at any time throughout the year. Thank you for your interest in submitting artwork for consideration in the various product lines of Lang. We do not specify sizes since we produce many product categories; note pads, greeting cards, calendars, Christmas cards, note cards, boxes, books, décor etc. The size requirements vary from product to product.

If you do not know the styles of art we use, we suggest you familiarize yourself with our products by visiting our booths at various gift shows throughout the country or visit our website at Our lines include country-inspired and traditional styles, at-home design, and décor themes, contemporary designs and other styles considered. We generally do not accept abstract or extremely contemporary styles.

Email to request the Lang Companies New Product Submission Agreement. 

You are welcome to submit transparencies, slides, color copies, photos or any other form of reproduction that best represents your style and ability. Please do not send the original art. We will reply to your inquiry with a letter of explanation within approximately six weeks. 

Please address your letters to:
Anne Artisan - Product Development Coordinator
The LANG Companies, Inc.
20825 Swenson Drive, Suite 100
Waukesha, WI 53186

We will only respond to inquiries that include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.