If you'd like to know in advance everything there is to know about Preorder merchandise from, here you go! Below is all the information you need. If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, feel free to email us at

Can you tell me how preorder works?

Yes. And if you have questions, keep reading the FAQ or

Items that have not yet been received form the publisher or supplier will be marked as 'Preorder'. Each product detail page will include an estimated arrival date for the item. Please note these dates are subject to change. If you decide to place an order, your credit card will be authorized for the purchase but will not be charged until the items become available and are shipped to you.

In general, if your order contains preorder merchandise, we will hold your order until all items are in stock and available to ship. There are several exceptions where we will ship your item immediately. If your order contains in stock gift items, games, toys, perpetual undated calendars, or calendars whose start date begins in 10 days, we will automatically split your order into multiple shipping groups and ship the in stock items. If you need your items immediately, we are happy to ship all available, in stock items upon request.

Why do you offer "preorder"?

Many of our titles sell out each year. We are a highly seasonal business so we choose to offer preorder to allow customers to reserve their calendars early in the year. This makes sure they begin the new year with the perfect calendar.

Please note that not all calendars will be offered for pre-order. For example: some calendars ship to our warehouse really quickly and are available before we mark them as preorder. This process depends on the publisher or vendor that we receive the calendars from.

When is my credit card charged for a preorder item?

When you place an order for a Preorder item, we will send an authorization hold request to your card issuer. The authorization hold is not an actual charge and will eventually expire and drop off your account based upon the time-frame set by your card-issuing bank. If the authorization hold expires before the item’s release date or before the order is ready to be shipped, the authorization will automatically renew. If any attempt to renew the authorization fails, you’ll be reminded by email to change the payment card type/details. You won’t be charged for your order until it ships.

Can I ask you for updates on the progress of my preorder?

Totally. Of course. Feel free to contact us

We may also proactively send you any updates we get from the publisher.

Can I cancel my preorder and receive a refund?

You bet. Contact us via live chat or give us a call and we’ll make it happen.

Can I return the item that I preordered once I receive it?

Yes. You can find our return instructions here.

Can I place one order that includes both preorder and in stock items?

Yes! You can put these in the same order. Our system will attempt to hold in stock items until your preorder items are in stock.

I’ve placed a preorder that says it will ship in 2-8 weeks. Can I add calendars to that existing preorder?

No, unfortunately you cannot add to an existing order. You have two options in this case: 1) You can place a second order for the item(s) you wish to add to your order. or 2)You can call in and talk to one of our Customer Service agents and have them do that for you.

I have a preorder that also contains in stock items. Can I have the in stock items ship early?

Yes. Most of the time, in stock items will split and ship to you automatically The exception is next year calendar titles, which will be held until fall to ship together. If you wish to have your order split so in stock items ship immediately, please contact customer service.

I placed a preorder and it shipped earlier than expected! Nice. How’d that happen?

Congratulations! Ocassionally one of our publishers may be able to get an item to us earlier than they estimated. We ship those calendars out to you as quickly as we can. Orders are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Is it possible for a preorder to "sell out"?

Yes, it is possible for a preorder item to "sell out". If that happens, we will fill the first orders that we have for that product as soon as we can. The other orders will be held pending a new shipment of merchandise or, if no other merchandise will be received, you will be notified by email that your order was unfortunately cancelled.