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Shop Lang Special Dates Organizers as seen in the Lang Winter 2018 Catalog.
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4 results found for All Results
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Special Dates Organizers

With a Lang Special Dates Organizer, you'll never forget a birthday or anniversary! Special Dates Organizers are not specific to any year, but instead provide a permanent record for marking those special recurring events, including birthdays, anniversaries, and any other important occasions. There's a page for each month where you can jot down those special dates, but without a grid or days of the week like a normal calendar, you can use it from one year to the next. Take the time to fill it out once and reuse it yearly. Even add in new dates as they happen! Shop the entire Lang Special Dates Organizer collection as featured on page 49 of the Lang Winter 2018 Catalog. Featuring artwork from Lang’s most popular designers such as Susan Winget, Lori Siebert, and Jane Shasky, the Special Dates Organizer selection has something for everyone.