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10 results found for All Results
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Calendar Frames and Hangers

The Lang Winter 2018 Catalog features a variety of Calendar Frames and Hangers that will turn your favorite calendar into a work of art that will hang elegantly on the walls of your home, office, or virtually anywhere. The Classic Wall Calendar Frames are handcrafted and feature stylish finishes that offer a classy polished look. They are made of pine and have beveled edges with a built in pencil tray. Check out the Vintage Red or Black Diamond options to help enhance the decor in any room. Lang also offers a Wrought Iron Calendar Frame made of durable black wrought iron that has a built in pocket to hold mail, keys and notes. A Wrought Iron Calendar Hanger creates an instant home decor you will love. There are different designs, including a Scroll Calendar Hanger, Heart Calendar Hanger, Home Calendar Hanger, or a Flower Calendar Hanger. If you prefer a more modern look, the Lang Contemporary Wall Caldendar Frames may be the best option for you. These stylish frames come in either white or black and are made of solid pine. Lang also makes Vertical Wall Calendar Frames, specifically for their slim vertical wall calendars. These frames feature solid pine construction and beveled edges. There are two options available, in Saddle or Black Diamond. Enhance the look of your calendar with a Lang Calendar Frame or Hanger today!