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Planners & Engagement Calendars

Hectic life? Organize your days and make time for yourself with one of our many different planners. Daily, weekly, monthly, academic, 12 and 16 months---whether you want something for school, work, your family, your clients, or keeping track of your goals--we have it all. Express yourself by adding stickers, washi tape, and sticky notes. You can even choose from a variety of themed planners from some of your favorite creators like Orange Circle, Paper Source, Rifle Paper, Amy Knapp, and Lang.

Celebrate a Unique Interest

Do you have a hobby or a sport that you are actively involved in? Showcase your favorite things by choosing a unique and personal planner that you can take wherever you go and will always remind you of your special skills, talents and achievements.

A Simple Trick for Simple To-Do Lists

Let's say you come across a task on your calendar, and since you are not in the same mindset as when you scheduled it, you may forget the importance of the task and postpone it or ignore it altogether. This is an extremely easy problem to identify, but a much harder problem to correct.

One possible solution is to define the importance of every item on your to-do list. Whenever you mark your calendar with a to-do item, put a small blurb about why it is important. These can include phrases that inspired you to take on the task, reasons why it is important, or anything else to jolt yourself back into the mindset surrounding that to-do item. Remember, your past and present selves may not always have the same point of view.

Mistakes We All Make with Planners

Staying on top of your schedule can be a real challenge. Each day is chock full of requests for your time. You can reach the end of the day only to find that you didn't spend any time on the most important tasks and spent a great deal of time at a loss of control over your activities.

Before you throw in the proverbial calendar towel, here are five mistakes you're making right now - and how to avoid them.

1. Over Scheduling Your Time

If you’re a natural disorganized mess, having a personal planner can be so helpful for remembering important dates and appointments. However, don’t fall in to the trap of many a well-intentioned human and over-schedule your time. When you’re overscheduled there’s no time to reflect on your priorities and to-do lists and you can easily get caught spending inordinate amounts of time on things that are not necessarily important. To avoid this you can build some time-buffers in to your schedule and schedule things for times of day you know that you work best. You can also work hard to understand and respect your own limits.

2. Not Looking at the Calendar

Writing your appointments and important dates down is only half the battle. In order for your planner to work for you, it’s important to actually look at it! Don’t dump the information and then forget about it, check your calendar at least twice a day and make a mental note of anything you have going on that day.

3. Leaving Details Out

How many times have you written down someone and then forgotten to include details like the location, time, contact information or other relevant details? It happens to the best of us! This habit can quickly deteriorate if left alone so be sure to include all the details you can on each appointment.

4. Forgetting the Planner

Leaving your planner behind on the kitchen counter won’t help anyone. We know it’s not the easiest thing in the world to remember everything you need but a family planner can be the life-line of any family. Write yourself a note or get the kids to help remember but, don’t leave it behind!