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Magic Grip Calendars

Magic Grip Calendars, by Calendar Ink are the perfect way ti keep up with important dates, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Using the classic style of a wall calendar combined with the stickiness of a magnetic calendar, Magic Grip calendars will stick to virtually any service without tape or additional adhesive. You can stick them on walls, doors, on your desk, refrigerator, or even windows! Plus, Magic Grip Calendars do not leave residue behind when you take them down. Choose from varying designs and sizes to find the right Magic Grip Calendar for you. The standard sized Rainbow Magic Grip Calendar is colorful and features a rainbow theme all year long, with each month colored in a different shade of the rainbow. The Joyful Seasons Magic Grip Calendar contains whimsical artistic takes on the seasons of the year as they happen. These two calendars are 10" x 10", and ideal for standard calendar use. If you need a larger calendar to keep track of family activities, or just need more room to write appointments, choose the 12" x 13" Floral Jumbo Magic Grip Calendar, which features paintings of wild flowers that will delight and relax you all year long. The Rainbow Jumbo Magic Grip Calendar is also 12" x 13", and allows for extra room to write down special occasions, and help keep track of multiple people. The Watercolor Super Jumbo Magic Grip Calendar is ideal for larger families, and can even work as a desk pad calendar. The 13.5" X 18" size makes it ideal to put up in an office, kitchen, or bedroom. With its adhesive backing, you never have to worry about it slipping off a wall or desk.

You can find the right sized Magic Grip Wall Calendar for you with the beautiful artwork you have come to expect from Calendar Ink. Shop our selection, and pick yours up today!