DIY Command CenterTime can rush past quickly, and before we know it another week has gone by. Make the most of your time by being super organized in everything you do. Studies show that being organized can reduce stress and increase productivity. We all have extremely busy lives and there are many important events to remember and things to plan for.

Using a calendar or planner is one of the easiest ways to keep oneself organized. Incorporate your planner into your daily routines and, before you know it, you'll find that organization has seeped into many other areas of your life.

Choosing a Calendar

In order to organize your life, you need to purchase a calendar suited to your needs. For parents, you may need a calendar designed for all the people in your house. A business calendar is great for those who need to record many appointments throughout the day and week. Sometimes, you may just need something to capture your notes, thoughts, and other information. To choose a calendar that's just right for you, think about how you will use it and how you'd like it to help make your life easier.

Develop Daily Habits

It takes a lot of practice to get yourself organized so you should spend time every day with your calendar. Families may need to keep their calendar in their kitchen, on their family command center, or near their entry-way so it is easily noticed by busy family members. Desk calendars are great to keep in the office or den so they'll always be close when you're at work. Make time to use you calendar(s). For some families, it helps to review their schedule over breakfast in the morning or at the dinner table in the evening. Journals and Diary Calendars are a good fit for your bag, or purse, and can be used as you commute, or at quiet times throughout the day. The only way to keep yourself organized is to use your calendar as much as you can.

Record Your Goals

Calendars can be used for more than recording birthdays and anniversaries. You can use your calendar to track goals like weight loss, school milestones, and money savings. You'll be much more likely to achieve these goals if you plan ahead for them. Breaking your goals down into mini goals and placing those intended milestones on your calendar is a great way to hold yourself accountable.

Remember Those You Love

With your life on track to stay organized, you'll have so much more time for all of the important people in your life. You'll remember all your friends and family's birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates because you've taken the time to record them on your calendar. When you hear something about the people you care about, write it down in the notes section of your calendar. Think about how much it would mean to someone you love when you remembered their beloved pets birthday!

Staying organized will change your life and calendars are the best step in getting your life in order.
When you start to use one, you will soon wonder how you ever lived without it!