DIY Command CenterWith summer winding down and the school year ramping up, this is the perfect time to reorganize anything that didn’t work for you last year. One of the easiest ways to keep your house organized is to have a functional command center that meets the needs of your family.

Discover Your Problem Areas

Does your home have that ‘special place’ where everything seems to drop, pile up, or land? Is there more than one of those ‘special places’ in your home? Walk around your home and find all the spaces where your family currently dumps their items. Did you find one that was more used than others? That’s a great place for your family’s command center, it’s going to feel amazing to retrain the space and replace the bad habit.

Identify Your Family's Needs

The ideal command center will be a place that every member of your family uses every single day so you should make sure that everyone gets what they need from the family command center. Some things you may consider would be a place to put mail, coupon sorting, whiteboard for notes, to-do lists, places for kids to hang their backpacks, an in/out wall file for homework and paperwork, chore charts and shopping lists. Having a way to handle and organize the constant deluge of life will prevent paper and chaos from cluttering your mind and your home.

Find your Products

Now that you know what you’ll be using your family command center for, it’s time to find items to help you make it work. Your first priority should be finding a calendar that you love and that will work for your family. has some great organizational calendars that will help pull any command center together. You’ll also need writing essentials, like pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters, and somewhere to keep them all. Think about adding a hanging file organizer to collect incoming papers and another for outgoing papers. You should also add a corkboard for notes, pictures, and other important items. Don’t forget hooks for backpacks and purses, office supplies, papers, and anything else you think you’ll need!

Make it YOURS!

The last step to a great command center is to make it uniquely your family’s. Whatever your style is, find something to decorate the space. Your family will walk by this spot multiple times a day, so it might as well be nice to look at! Add your family name or crest in a frame, an inspirational quote, or just a great family picture.

And now, your new family command center is complete. You’ve come a long way from an icky catch-all for family junk to an organized spaces with tons of function!