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365 Cats Desk Calendar

365 Cats Desk Calendar
365 Cats Desk Calendar

Our Price $14.99

National Parks Wall Calendar

National Parks Wall Calendar
National Parks Wall Calendar

List Price $14.99
Our Price $9.99

Stranger Things 2019 Wall Calendar

Stranger Things 2019 Wall Calendar
Stranger Things 2019 Wall Calendar

List Price $14.99
Our Price $7.49

Maxine Desk Calendar

Maxine Desk Calendar
Maxine Desk Calendar

Our Price $14.99

6315 results found for All Results
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All Calendars has the biggest selection of calendars in the known universe. We have desk calendars, wall calendars, planners and more. All these formats are great for whatever you want to keep track of or if you just want to find a little daily joy at your desk before you start your day. Make the most of your time by staying organized with what better thing than a calendar!

Choosing a Calendar or Planner

The first step in organizing your life with a calendar or planner is to purchase one that is suited to your needs. If you are running a family, you might want one that is specifically designed for multiple people. A business calendar will be perfect for corporate workers who need to record many appointments throughout the day. Another alternative is a personal diary or journal that has space for lots of notes and information. Think about how you will like to use your calendar or planner, and the type of life you lead, and choose one that is perfect for you.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Calendar

Find what format fits you best

Do you take lots of notes or have large handwriting? There is a calendar for whatever your style is. Think about how you use it and what makes most sense to view at once like if you need to see a whole week and have lots of space for lists or if you just need to see the month.

Get in a routine

Don’t give up! Sometimes it takes a little while to get in the full groove. You can try placing your calendar in different areas and see where you use it most and what it most helpful. You don’t need to check it every hour but set aside 5 min in the morning or at night to update or glance over what is coming up.

Pick a subject you love

Calendars don’t have to be boring or ugly. With thousands to choose from take a little time and explore all of the option. If you can think it chances are we have it!

Stay Organized With a Calendar or Planner

Staying organized has many benefits, including reducing stress and increasing productivity. Many people have extremely busy lives that include balancing family and work responsibilities. There are important events to remember, and goals to plan for. Time can rush past quickly, and before we know it another week has gone – make the most of the time you do have by being super organized with everything you do.

There are many strategies you can use to stay organized, but using a calendar or planner is one of the most fundamental. When you start using your calendar or planner every day, and incorporating it into your daily habits and routines, you will start to notice that other strategies for organization just seem to fall in place. A calendar will set you up for success, so you know what is happening when, and you are always in the places where you need to be.

Remember Important People

Staying organized means considering the important people in your life, not just yourself. When you first get your calendar or planner, take the time to record all of the birthdays and anniversaries that you know. Other special events might include the holidays of your friends and family. When you hear information about the people you care about, write it in your diary, and you will remember all of the things that are happening around you. Stay organized, and use a calendar or planner for all of your dates, times, events and ideas. When you start to use one, you will soon wonder how you ever lived without it!

Organize Your Life Using a Calendar

Time can rush past quickly, and before we know it another week has gone by. Make the most of your time by being super organized in everything you do. Studies show that being organized can reduce stress and increase productivity. We all have extremely busy lives and there are many important events to remember and things to plan for. [more...]

Six Reasons to Use a Paper Calendar Instead of Your Phone

Roughly nine-in-ten American adults own a mobile phone. Most of these devices come pre-loaded with apps that help us organize and plan our lives. You can find in any App store apps for setting reminders, making notes, creating grocery lists as well as calendars to keep up with you and your family's daily schedules.

On average, people in the United States check their phones 46 times per day, that's over 16,000 times a year!. We look at our phones while shopping, watching television, while dining out in restaurants and during every bit of free time we have. With that much screen time in our day, wouldn't it be nice to give our eyes a much needed break? [more...]

7 Clever Ways to Repurpose Your Old Calendars!

Don't throw away last year's calendars just yet. Give those old calendars life by recycling those pretty designs and photos and make something new and beautiful! [more...]

DIY Command Center

With summer winding down and the school year ramping up, this is the perfect time to reorganize anything that didn’t work for you last year. One of the easiest ways to keep your house organized is to have a functional command center that meets the needs of your family. [more...]

Common Questions About Calendars

When’s the best time to put up a new calendar?

The best time to put up your calendar is before the new year ever begins. Many calendars include an extra page before the start of the year that includes months of the previous year. But, it’s a great idea to stay ahead of any appointments or other important dates that will come at the beginning of the year by writing them down ahead of time. But don’t flip that calendar to January until it’s time!

When should I take down my calendar?

In many homes it’s tradition never to show January on the calendar until after midnight on New Year’s. In generations past, it was bad luck to show the face of the calendar before the new year. Tradition dictates that the old calendar comes down on New Year’s Eve but the new ones aren’t flipped over until the first official ‘Flip Day’ of the new year!

When was the calendar invented?

On July 15, 2013, scientists at the University of Birmingham reported that they had unearthed what they think may have been the world’s oldest ‘calendar’. This calendar was created by hunter-gatherer societies and dated back to around 8,000 BC. This relic appeared to mimic the phases of the Moon in order to track lunar months over the course of a year.