Don't throw away last year's calendars just yet. Give those old calendars life by recycling those pretty designs and photos and make something new and beautiful!

Wrapping Paper

Use those old, oversized calendars to make your gifts extra special! Whether it's a birthday or anniversary, your gifts will stand out with this personal touch. Even better, no tags are needed, just mark the recipient's birthday as a red letter day and add a sweet little note.


Did you know with some old tiles, a little Mod Podge, and an old calendar you can make beautiful coasters. Trace the tile onto your favorite calendar images and cut them down to size for the perfect fit. Add some Mod Podge, let it dry, and you've created an incredibly beautiful conversation piece for your home.

Gift Boxes

Using old calendar pages, you can make the perfect boxes for small gifts, party favors, or to organize the drawers in your family command center. Follow the instructions here.

Refrigerator Magnets

Using old calendar images, some clear stones, and a little Mod Podge, you can make the perfect magnets to brighten up your kitchen! It's so easy, just place a small gem over your favorite calendar image and cut out the area you like best. Wipe some Mod Podge on the paper and then affix your gem to it. Once the Mod Podge is dry, use a razor knife to cut away any excess paper and glue on a magnet. So simple!

Party Decorations

Using your favorite fun calendars, you can recycle them in to the perfect party decorations. A little ingenuity, imagination, and the possibilities are really endless to what you can do!

Decoupaged Furniture

Any old piece of furniture can be made new again, but if you really want to make something special decoupage some of your favorite calendar images onto the item. This works great for desks, chairs, and picture frames.

Wall Makeover

Have some beautiful calendar images you don't want to cut up? Find a wall in your home that needs a makeover, buy a set of frames, and sit back and enjoy your new focal point. The neighbors will be so jealous!


Now you have a ton of ideas to use to repurpose those old calendars and to keep you busy for months to come!