DIY Command CenterRoughly nine-in-ten American adults own a mobile phone. Most of these devices come pre-loaded with apps that help us organize and plan our lives. You can find in any App store apps for setting reminders, making notes, creating grocery lists as well as calendars to keep up with you and your family's daily schedules.

On average, people in the United States check their phones 46 times per day, that's over 16,000 times a year!. We look at our phones while shopping, watching television, while dining out in restaurants and during every bit of free time we have. With that much screen time in our day, wouldn't it be nice to give our eyes a much needed break?

While you can use your phone for a multitude of tasks, there can be something inherently satisfying about checking in with a paper calendar every day. Aside from the sentimentality, writing by hand forces you to slow your brain down and approach time-management with more mindfulness.

Here are 6 GREAT reasons to stick with a paper calendar:

1. Retain Information Better

Writing things down helps us to generate more ideas and retain information better. Writing by hand requires different types of cognitive processing than using a laptop or a smartphone and these cognitive processes also have consequences for learning. While writing by hand is more cumbersome, and may lead to less information overall being actually written down, your brain is forced to first listen to the information given, digests it and then summarizes it so you can succinctly capture the essence of what you were given to write it down. Conversely, typing can easily produce a written record of something but doesn't require that your brain expend much thought to the content as it types it out. So, when you call in to that doctor's office to make that appointment the act of writing it down forces your brain to engage in some seriously heavy ‘mental' effort and thus forces comprehension and retention.

2. Paper Calendars can be Fun

Paper calendars can provide a level of fun and joy that an electronic calendar cannot. Calendars feature scintillating images that are designed to inspire and delight. Every day, week, or month, as a page is flipped a new experience will appear; a colorful layout or pre-written inspirational quote greets you and provides you just the encouragement you need as you head off to the grocery store or to the dentist's office for that appointment. Electronic calendars, conversely, can be cold and utilitarian and it can be incredibly difficult to escape the tyranny of that always on, screeching, reminder of things to come.

3. Stay Organized and Stylish

Be organized and stylish without having to hire an assistant or a designer. Calendars come in a variety of layouts, all with differing levels of detail. You can break your time up by hours, days, weeks or months. You can also express your individuality by adding stickers, washi tape, charms, pictures, dividers, page markers, inserts and Post-it notes. Say goodbye to trying to put your life into a generic container, calendars can be whatever you want them to be and we prefer awesome.

4. Make Goals That Stick

Do you keep failing at that goal you're reaching for? People usually throw around words like inspiration, motivation, self-control, and ambition when setting and working towards a goal. But, these qualities are already found inside all of us to some degree. What makes achieving a goal possible isn't the level of motivation or inspiration that you have but detailed, explicit, plans for implementation.  For example, if your goal is to spend more time with family, then you'll be more likely to achieve that goal if you take time to plan out when and where you'll create that family time. Use your calendar to plan Family Game Night for the next six months, prepare your dinner menus ahead of time and gather everything you need to play the game. Simply put, inspiration is great but it doesn't lead to action. A specific plan for exactly when and how to execute your goals will lead to your success.

5. A Greater Purpose

We have a saying at, “it's more than just a calendar.” It really is. It's the homecoming gift a boyfriend purchased for his girlfriend for her very first apartment. It's the memory of a great family vacation to France. It's beautiful images for a mother to look at while she takes her chemotherapy treatments. It's the documentation of a new baby's first year on earth, of a child's school year, a teen's first date, and countless other milestones.

6. Good for the Soul

Anyone with a smartphone knows, they go off probably 85 times a day. Between notifications, beeps, alerts, messages, group chat reminders, and social media notifications they just never stop buzzing. Computers, and their screens, may help us to be more productive but they can lead to computer vision syndrome (CVS) which affects 64% to 90% of office workers. An old-fashioned paper calendar doesn't put a strain on your eyes, they don't constantly need charging and you don't need to upgrade them at least once a year. The have one purpose and that's to provide you with space to track your schedule and document your life.

An individual can spend years looking for just the right paper calendar. As you can see, the advantages of paper calendars can't be overlooked. While a smartphone is great for checking e-mail, listening to music, catching up on the news, and playing Candy Crush, paper calendars can offer benefits as well.