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Upon checkout if you attempt to enter a Credit Card number and are unable to proceed you may see the following message near ‘Payment Information’ as shown below:

You may save up to 5 credit cards in your Virtual Wallet.

It may be that you have checked out 5 times in the past and added the same card or various cards at checkout and you have now accumulated 5 cards into your account.

How to delete a Credit Card from your vitual wallet:

To delete cards from your account, click on the My Account tab at the top right-hand page (next to log out)

You will then see the option: Manage Credit Cards, click on this option.

Click on "Delete Card" under the card you wish to delete.

Confirm you wish to delete your credit card by clicking "Yes."

Click "Submit."

To resume checkout, you will need to go back to the Checkout page and flow through the checkout process once more. Unless you have a saved address, you will need to re-enter your shipping address and choose a shipping option.

How and why do credit cards save to your account?

When checking out, if you do not un-check this box (shown below) at the Payment Information page, your credit card will save. This makes checkout for future purchase much easier for you by simply picking the credit card from your saved credit cards. Of course you are welcome to opt out by simply un-checking. This will require you to enter the credit card number again, next time you order online with
Uncheck this box if you wish to NOT save your credit card to your account.

How to add a Credit Card to Your Profile

Log in to your account using your Login ID and Password.

Click on "Manage Credit Cards" link on the right-hand side of the page

Enter the following required information:

Card Nickname - This is intended to remind you which card you're using.
Cardholder Name - Your name as it appears on your credit card
Credit Card Type (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover)
Expiration Date

*This is a sample account

Select a Billing Address from one of your saved Shipping Addresses.

Or Enter a New Billing Address

Click Submit

How to update Your Expiration Date

Log in to your account using your Login ID and Password.

Click on "Manage Credit Cards."

Click on "Edit Payment Information."

Reenter your credit card and update your expiration date.

Click "Submit."