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EZ2See Weekly Planner

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  • 2018 Large-print calendar
  • 58-Week Calendar: Dec2017 ? Jan2019
  • 8 " W X 12" H
  • High-contrast, 10 times larger than newsprint
  • XL daily cell
  • Uncluttered writing space for notes, dates, and contacts
This 8.5" x 11" spiral-bound weekly planner/calendar is unique in many ways. It was designed for and has proven ideal for seniors or anyone dealing with vision loss.
Only bold, high-contrast, easy-to-see numbers and letters that are 10 times larger than newsprint are used. Space is not wasted on unreadable print. Each weekly page has a black border. This element is particularly helpful to those with low-sision since it identifies the page edge to prevent writing off the paper.
Another of its important features is the extra-large daily writing space nearly equal to two, 3" x 5" cards. This provides the largest possible writing space for those dealing with shaking hands, memory decline, a lot to write, or anyone who writes big.
After the first page on which you may write your contact information, the monthly pages begin. Each month is its own page. The monthly pages list major holidays and have adequate space to set aside for your special days.
Weekly pages are then presented across two pages starting December 4, 2017 and ending January 12, 2019. Major holidays are listed here as well. The calendar ends with 6 bold-lined pages to use any way you wish.
Its durable laminated covers keep it clean and dry. Yet it is about as thick as a wooden pencil. It's the right size to take with you when heading out the door.
This calendar makes the ideal gift for anyone dealing with vision issues or who seeks more writing space than is provided by the average weekly calendar. It would also serve as a journal or a daily log book.
  • 2018 Large-print Large-space Weekly Calendar  
  • 58-Week Calendar: December 2017 ? January 2019
  • 8 " W X 12" H
  • High-contrast letters and numbers 10 times larger than newsprint, nothing small or hard to read
  • Each extra-large daily cell has the space of two, 3? x 5? cards
  • The largest uncluttered writing space available for notes, important dates, and contacts