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Star Wars Mini Wall Calendar

ID : 201900003147
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  • Mini Wall Calendar
  • Small Rectangle Grid
  • Spiral Binding
  • 16 Month Calendar

Star Wars 2019 Mini Wall Calendar

The Force is strong with the 2019 Star Wars Saga mini poster calendar, with the legendary characters you love. May the Force be with you as you turn the page on galactic adventures, whether at home or in a galaxy far, far away. The mini poster calendar is perfectly sized for a locker. It includes the last four months of 2018 and is spiral bound with a hanger, plus has perforations so you can easily remove each page and display it as a poster.

  • Mini Wall Calendar
  • Small Rectangle Grid
  • Spiral Binding
  • 16 Month Calendar
  • 12.16'' X 6''
  • Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, doctor appointments, and every important event!
  • High quality, FSC paper.
  • Perfect for the wall of your kitchen or home office!
  • Includes all major public and culturally significant holidays.
  • Plenty of space for notes, important dates, contacts, and other events.

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