Workman Publishing Shoes Gallery 2019 Desk Calendar Shoes Gallery 2019 Desk Calendar Shoes Gallery 2019 Desk Calendar Shoes Gallery 2019 Desk Calendar 2019 Shoes Gallery 2019 Desk Calendar - FREE Shipping on Qualifying orders! Shop our huge selection at It?s hard to resist the ineffable cool and 9781523503322 17.99
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Shoes Gallery Desk Calendar

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  • Desk Calendar
  • 365 Day Calendar
  • Jumbo Rectangle Grid
  • Case Binding
  • 6.25'' X 7.25 ''
  • Observes Major Holidays
It’s hard to resist the ineffable cool and style of the 1.1 million copy-selling Shoes Gallery Desk Calendar, based on Linda O’Keeffe’s international bestseller. With the curatorial eye of a fashion magazine and the stunning photography of an art book, it’s a year of designer, vintage, and couture footwear. Every page captures elegance to aspire to—a rich pop of color in Jerome C. Rousseau’s yellow and turquoise leopard-print calf hair flats. Statement suede boots from Manolo Blahnik, with hand-beading, sequins, and a slim spike heel. Collectibles, like 1930s harem shoes, with sequins and brocade d’Orsay heels from Marouf. And Roger Vivier’s classic brocade pumps, with a twist: a delicate rhinestone loop closure that gives just a peek of skin. Have fun with this Shoes Gallery Desk Calendar every day of the year by starting of your day with a fresh laugh or comic. Save your favorite messages, comics, or images for later use. You can enjoy a new image or quote every day of the week! Use it to decorate your office cubicle, kitchen counter, or any other spot where a desk calendar will fit. With its exceptional photography, coated paper, and exacting standards of color printing, this calendar is a gallery for your desk. Give the Shoes Gallery Desk Calendar as a gift to the shoe lover(s) in your life or keep it for yourself.

  • Best-selling Calendar title!
  • Daily full-color photographs to feed the shoe lover’s obsession
  • Printed on high-quality paper
  • Features elegant loose leaf pages
  • Includes sophisticated easel backing for display
  • 313 pages of carefully curated images
  • Includes interesting quotes and captions
  • Perfect gift for any shoe lover
  • Great for families, students of all ages, and professionals in any field.
  • Perfect for your desk at home or in the office!

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More Info

It’s hard to imagine a time before shoes. What started out as practical invention has grown into a varied, booming industry concerned just as much with art as it is function. Though all shoes share basic characteristics, colors, materials, and designs have transformed drastically over thousands of years. At the beginning of modern footwear, in Europe’s early Baroque period, men’s and women’s shoes were very similar, though fashions and materials differed among social classes. It wasn’t until the early 1800s, they began to differ in style, color, heel, and toe shape. Jump ahead to last few decades of the 20th century where the female presence in the workplace grew along with their heels. Platforms and wedges became popular in the early seventies, though became less-so in the 80s and 90s. These days, there are shoes for every occasion, mood, and preference. There has also been a movement away from styles that focus primarily on comfort and function, as many designers are shifting interest from a matter of practicality to that of aesthetics. If footwear trends continue in this fashion, we can expect the shoes of the future to be even more out-of-this-world.

Rave Reviews

"I'm giving 2 of them to my friends who love shoes also. I especially enjoy the ones I consider "Classic" and or "Sassy"! At 83 I'm to old to wear high heel anymore, but I sure can reminisce!" -momadee

"I'm a shoe fanatic and I just love this desk calendar. It's also a great gift for my girlfriends who share my shoe fetish." -kellygirl