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Randi's Staff Picks


Randi helps verify data submitted by vendors on the products for the website. While she's waiting for the products, she also writes product descriptions and does quality assurance on the website to make sure it still looks good for the shoppers. In addition to these responsibilities, she aids the Merchandising Manager with whatever task that needs to be complete.

After growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, this Midwestern gal moved to Austin a few years ago and fell in love with the city! In her spare time, Randi enjoys reading her books, playing with her dachshund Reese, and exercising with her gigantic hula hoop. Once a month, she co-leads a book club and hosts a board game event so she's always having a blast with her friends and loved ones!

Take a look at some of Randi's favorite products, and check back monthly for more staff picks!

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