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Kittens And Friends Desk Calendar

ID : 201900002697
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  • Desk Calendar
  • 365 Day Calendar
  • Large Square Grid
  • Adhesive Binding
  • Observes Major Holidays
  • Order early, supplies limited!
The Kittens & Friends desk calendar is different: unlike other cat page-per-day calendars, it features kittens and cats paired in interesting combinations with adorable baby animals and unusual critters--bunnies, puppies and dogs, guinea pigs, squirrels, even birds! A simple white background emphasizes the natural, inherent beauty and charm of these animal friends. A different photo every day!

  • A different photo on every page
  • Easy tear-off pages everyday
  • Features built-in easel
  • High quality, FSC certified paper.
  • Full-color pages throughout
  • Includes all major public and significant holidays
  • Carefully curated images throughout the year
  • Stay organized all year
  • Great for busy families, students, and professionals
  • Perfect for use on any desk or tabletop!

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From the beginning, Gladstone Media has focused on publishing compelling images and stunning photography. By collaborating with talented artists and photographers, Gladstone has grown to offer a wide-ranging assortment of calendars in different themes, sizes and formats. In 1996, Gladstone published the ever-popular aviation calendar, Above & Beyond. Today, Gladstone produces dozens of titles and continues its dedication to producing high quality calendars.

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