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Jimmy the Bull 2019 Planner

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  • New Planner Style!
  • Printed on high-quality paper
  • Features built-in storage pockets
  • Includes all major public and culturally significant holidays.
Enjoy the 2019 Jimmy the Bull 17-Month Tabbed Planner featuring a collection of charming and cheeky images chronicling the relationship and adventures of Rafael and Jimmy. Filled with everything you need to stay organized and on task, this perfectly sized planner will keep you coming back to check your schedule, plans, and make sure you're on task! Create your own system of abbreviations, color codes, and stickers to make scheduling easy. Includes Monthly and weekly formats, built-in storage pockets, contacts and notes pages, tabbed for easy navigation. Keep this fun planner for yourself or give it as a gift for any occasion.

  • New Planner Style!
  • Printed on high-quality paper
  • Features built-in storage pockets
  • Includes all major public and culturally significant holidays.
  • Comes with stickers
  • Offers contact and notes pages
  • Give as a gift for any occasion
  • Stay organized all year with your favorite calendar
  • Great for busy families, students, and professionals
  • Pairs perfectly with stickers, notebooks, and your favorite pens

About Wells Street by LANG

Since establishment in 1982, LANG has become the essence of distinctive artistic expression embodied in fine home and gift products through our signature Americana themes that are synonymous with the LANG brand name. Each year brings an exciting opportunity to add new artists to the LANG Family so that we can continue to expand our unique artwork collection onto more calendar formats such as weekly planners, monthly planners, desk planners, pocket planners and more. We invite you to share in the tradition so many have followed through the years in enjoying beautiful artwork with loved ones. Whether it be in a LANG Wall Calendar that reminds you of someone special every day or a LANG Christmas Card that shows your loved ones how much you care, or a gift they will cherish for years, LANG's quality and inspiration stands the test of time.

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More Info

With only bull terrier Jimmy for company, artist Rafael Mantesso found inspiration in his blank walls and his best friend and started snapping photos of Jimmy as he trotted and cavorted around the house in glee. Then, when he collapsed in happy exhaustion next to the white wall, on a whim Rafael grabbed a marker and drew a new world around his ginger-eared pup. Suddenly, Rafael felt his long-dormant inspiration—for drawing, for art, for life—returning. The whimsical drawings starring Mantesso’s bull terrier attracted the world’s attention, with the images broadcast across global media. Hundreds of charming and cheeky images chronicling the owner and dog’s relationship and adventures, including poses in a Star Wars stormtrooper helmet, passed out with liquor bottles, and as the shark in Jaws. Mantesso’s Instagram feed quickly garnered fans from all over the world and caught the attention of major media outlets like The Times, Today, The Huffington Post, USA Today, and the , and others.