Andrews McMeel Publishing Duh 2017 Desk Calendar Duh 2017 Desk Calendar Duh 2017 Desk Calendar Duh 2017 Desk Calendar The DUH! Calendar features a hilarious collection of true tales of the dumb and dumber. A man tries to pass a counterfeit million-dollar bill at a store. N 9781449476779 3.74
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Duh Desk Calendar

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Be greeted each day by a true tale of stupidity from the DUH!: Dumbest Things Ever Said or Done Desk Calendar. Bob Fenster, the author of four DUH! books, plays no favorites when calling out people from all walks of life—politicians, movie stars, writers, mom, dads, criminals—when they forget to engage their brains. For example, an inebriated man in Texas caught the attention of police when he rode his unicycle without clothes. "Obviously, he wasn't armed," quipped the arresting officer. Of course, perfectly sober people do stupid things, too. Fortunately, their foolishness provides ample fodder for ludicrously funny stories in this collection of hilarious tales.

  • Over 300 days of DUH! Moments by Bob Fenster
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  • Bonus content on the back of each day's page
  • Saturday and Sunday combined