BrownTrout Cats Burmese 2019 Wall Calendar Cats Burmese 2019 Wall Calendar Cats Burmese 2019 Wall Calendar Cats Burmese 2019 Wall Calendar Cats Burmese Wall Calendar - FREE Shipping on Qualifying orders! Shop our huge selection at Known to shadow their owners wherever they 9781975402464 7.49
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Cats Burmese Wall Calendar

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Cats Burmese Wall Calendar

Known to shadow their owners wherever they go, Burmese cats relish the attention and affection people give them, and they return the favor generously. Sturdy and compact with a plush coat that comes in sable, champagne, blue, or platinum, they are frequently described as “bricks wrapped in silk.” They are highly intelligent, playful . . . and a wee bit mischievous. Fans of this fabulous breed will cherish this Burmese Cats square wall calendar.

  • Wall Calendar
  • 12-Month Calendar
  • Stapled Binding
  • 12'' X 24''
  • Medium Square Grid
  • Observes Major Holidays

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