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The Group of Seven 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

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The Group of Seven Wall Calendar: The Group of Seven was formed in 1920. At an important time in Canada's history, these talented artists applied their creativity and passion to a visual celebration of Canada as a wild and eminently beautiful land. Their powerful landscape paintings would come to shape the country's long romance with its wilderness and, consequently, its sense of identity. The Group of Seven 2013 presents 12 distinctive masterpieces—some familiar, others lesser-known gems. Founding member Lawren Harris wrote that the Group of Seven "loved this country and loved exploring and painting it." It is this shared concept of Canada as a northern nation for which the Group of Seven is best known, and it is Canada's continued passion for the land and its natural beauty that grants modern relevance to the work of these exceptional artists. ISBN: 1552974731 EAN: 9781552974735
By: Firefly Books
MPN: 1552974731
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