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Tetris 2013 Desk Calendar

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Tetris Desk Calendar: Can you solve the daily puzzle using all seven Tetriminos (Tetris® playing pieces)? Each Monday, the Matrix (play field) starts empty, and the next day's puzzle builds on the previous day. Saturday and Sunday are combined for the final puzzle. Using a pencil, draw or shade the Tetriminos into the blank area of the Tetris Matrix, designated by the white squares. The goal is to perfectly fit all seven Tetriminos into the Matrix. Can you figure it out, and ultimately build the Tetriminos all the way to the top? The answer can be found on the back of the puzzle. The Tetrimino shapes resemble the letters of the alphabet: Z, L, O, S, I, T, and J. You can only use each Tetrimino once, and you cannot flip Tetriminos. Challenge your spatial visualization ability, and good luck! EAN: 9781620210543
By: Calendar Ink
MPN: 9781620210543
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