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Quiddler the Short Word Card Game

Our Price $12.99
ID: 200100010344
Quiddler the Short Word Card Game: This is a beautiful word game with naturally smooth gameplay that plays fast. These are essentials for a successful game that few word games have. Using special cards, Quiddler draws on one's ability to combine letters into words. Players must combine their entire hand into words trying to use the highest point value letters. Quiddler challenges you to do this first with three cards (round one), then with four, on up to ten cards in the last round. A bonus is given for both the longest word and the most words made by a player in each round. The average game takes 20-40 minutes.

Dimensions: 4.25 " x  6.5 " x  1.0 "
Publisher: Set Enterprises
Product ID: 200100010344
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