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Party Gras Board Game

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ID: 201200012059
Party Gras Board Game: With a game name like Party Gras, you better believe the goal of this game is to collect more strings of beads than any other player! At the start of the game, players divide the beads evenly amongst themselves, then place the beads around their necks. Players receive two challenges cards, and unlike other games, you won’t be stuck sitting around a table. Stand up... move around... and try to cleverly complete the lively missions on your cards. Each challenge card features three challenges from the following categories: Mind Control, Caught in the Act, Talk It Out, Fashion Police, and Go Crazy & Challenge. If you find someone who fits the challenge, then show that player the card and take beads from that player. Discard that card and take a new one. The player with the most beads once the preset time limit expires wins the game. Includes 36 party gras bead strings, 300 party gras cards, and 1 rule sheet. For 4 - 12 players ages 13+ UPC: 653609222269

Dimensions: 10.5" x  10.5" x  3.0"
By: Zobmondo Entertainment
MPN: 653609222269
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