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Farm Dogs Book

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Farm Dogs Book: Farm Dogs: A Celebration of the Farm's Hardest Worker applauds all farm dogs everywhere! Ask anyone who grew up on a farm: We all know that dogs play a starring role in keeping the farm running. And the dogs themselves rarely stop running! From sheep and cattle dogs, with their herding instincts and training, to livestock-guarding dogs, with their fierce loyalty and protective nature, to all the other dogs, whether purebred or mutt, who simply provide great companionship in doing chores, they all have a strong work ethic and determination when it comes to jobs on the farm. These hard-working canines are also an important part of the family. They are ever present and love to curl up at your feet at the end of a long day—and they will still be up at the crack of dawn ready to do it all over again. Come give praise to the farm's hardest workers! By Carol Davis, Photography by Norvia Behling, 96 pages, Hardcover. UPC: 9780760328019 EAN: 9780760328019
Dimensions: 9.3" x  11.25" x  0.6"
By: Voyageur Press
MPN: 9780760328019
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