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Bent Objects 2013 Wall Calendar

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ID: 201300003554
Bent Objects Wall Calendar: Based on the best-selling book series, the Bent Objects 2013 Wall Calendar is a collection of artist Terry Border's most clever, crafty, and twisted work. Border has a unique ability to anthropomorphize everything from a peanut to a tube of toothpaste to a hot dog (with beans on the side). We fall in love with the chocolates seeing each other for the first time from across a crowded box of candy, feel for the cheese doodle standing by himself in a room filled with fancy hors d'oeuvres, and fear for the carrot unknowingly stepping too close to the vegetable peeler. By using a few spools of wire, a pair of ordinary pliers, and everyday household items, Border creates a bent series of whimsical characters and scenarios that are beyond clever and utterly unforgettable. UPC: 676728025238 EAN: 9780789325235
By: Universe Publishing
MPN: 676728025238
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