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Bulldogs Complete Pet Owner's Manual

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Bulldogs Complete Pet Owner's Manual: Although originally bred for the now-outlawed sport of bull baiting, today's bulldog is typically mild tempered and a loyal household companion. All titles in Barron's profusely-illustrated Complete Pet Owner's Manuals introduce inexperienced and prospective pet owners to the pleasures and duties of pet care. Attractively illustrated and filled with helpful information, Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals advise on purchasing, housing, feeding, health care—and where applicable, grooming and training pets. The information in each book is authoritative but the language is non-technical and easy for every pet owner to understand. Every title in this series is individually written from first page to last by a breeder, trainer, veterinarian, or other animal specialist. All Complete Pet Owner's Manuals are filled with high-quality color photos and instructive line art. ISBN: 0764136453 UPC: 027011036453
By: Barrons Educational Series Inc
MPN: 027011036453
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