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Baseball in the Garden of Eden Book

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ID: 201400008468
Baseball in the Garden of Eden Book: Who really invented baseball? Meet Daniel Lucius Adams, William Rufus Wheaton, and other fascinating figures buried beneath the falsehoods that have accrued around baseball's origins. This is the true story of how organized baseball started, how gambling shaped the game from its earliest days, and how it became our national pastime and our national mirror. Baseball in the Garden of Eden draws on original research to tell how the game evolved from other bat-and-ball games and gradually supplanted them, how the New York game came to dominate other variants, and how gambling and secret professionalism promoted and plagued the game. Even the most expert baseball fan will learn something new with almost every page. Paperback. EAN: 9780743294041
Author: John Thorn
Dimensions: 5.5" x  8.44" x  0.5"
Page Count: 384
Cover: Paperback
By: Simon & Schuster
MPN: 9780743294041
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