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Garfield Opoly Board Game

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ID: 201300012027
Garfield Opoly Board Game: He’s a Wisecracking, Nap-Taking, Coffee-Guzzling, Lasagna-Loving, Spider-Whacking, Mailman-Mauling, Dog-Punting Fat Cat… and we love him! Play Garfield-opoly and celebrate America’s #1 feline. Collect favorite properties and raise the rent by adding Hot Dog Carts and trading them in for Buffets. Play to rule the board and the Fat Cat himself. Choose your token and advance to Breakfast. It’s all fun and games until you end up on Rise & Shine and you’re out of the game for three turns. Who knows! You may soon find yourself escaping from obedience school…or burping loudly in a fancy restaurant. Whatever happens, it’s going to be life according to Garfield! Grab the dice. It’s your roll – and you’re late for your Cat nap! For 2-6 players ages 8 and up. UPC: 730799061394

Dimensions: 20.0" x  10.5" x  2.0"
By: Late For The Sky Production Co.
MPN: 730799061394
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