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A for Arson Mystery 500 Piece Puzzle

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ID: 200300025069
A for Arson Mystery 500 Piece Puzzle: Benji Patel's restaurant lies in ashes and a charred body has been found! Was it an accident... or something much more sinister? An extremely challenging jigsaw puzzle game. First you read a story that outlines the crime. Simple enough. Then you assemble two 500-piece puzzles that represent "before" and "after" evidence of the crime. Easily done, except those two puzzles have been mixed in the SAME BAG! To preserve the mystery, no actual puzzle art is shown to you on the box. After the puzzles are finally assembled, there is still a baffling murder mystery to be solved. Hours of puzzle solving fun for crafty sleuths aged 12 to adult.
By: TDC Games
MPN: 018886071014
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