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A Taxing Murder Mystery 1000 Piece Puzzle

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ID: 201100010661
A Taxing Murder Mystery 1000 Piece Puzzle: A Taxing Murder is a mystery jigsaw thriller with a secret puzzle image twist. First, read about the calculated murder of Louis Quick, tax accountant extraordinaire. A clever client stabbed him in the back and left him for dead. But don't write off a dying man's final deduction. Next, assemble the puzzle to discover the clues he left behind so you can get to the bottom line. Let your mind audit the evidence and decide who will pay a hefty penalty. It's April 15th, the deadline approaches...can you solve the most taxing murder ever? The 23" x 29" puzzle contains 1000 pieces and the puzzle itself is different from what the cover shows. Intended for ages 13 and up. UPC: 023332331192

Dimensions: 29.0 " x  23.0" x  2.5"
Publisher: University Games
Product ID: 201100010661
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