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Why You Should Store Your Farts in a Jar Book

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ID: 201300023703
Why You Should Store Your Farts in a Jar Book: The national bestseller Why You Shouldn't Eat Your Boogers & Other Useless or Gross Information About Your Body uncovered everything one might want to know (and a few things one might not) about the human body. The follow-up bestseller Why Fish Fart & Other Useless or Gross Information About the World contained an artful selection of odd and/or unsavory facts about the world. In this delightfully disgusting new book in the series, David Haviland plumbs the world of medicine to uncover the answers to such vitally important questions as: What exactly is urine therapy? Is it safe to fly with breast implants? How did a nine-and-a-half-inch spatula find its way into a surgery patient's body? Why do some boxers drink their own pee? What is cyclic vomiting syndrome and how can one avoid it? Any fan of the absurd and/or obscure is sure to delight in this strange (and slightly stomach-turning) book. This book may have a small Remainder Mark. EAN: 9781585428571
Dimensions: 4.5" x  7.9" x  0.8"
Cover: Paperback
By: Tarcher
MPN: 9781585428571
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