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Get Fuzzy 2013 Wall Calendar

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ID: 201300000394
Get Fuzzy Wall Calendar: Bucky B. Katt takes the expression "fighting like cats and dogs" to the extreme. He doesn't limit himself: Bucky fights with dogs, with ferrets, with birds, with humans, and he seems to have a particular dislike of monkeys. It's up to owner Rob Wilco and canine Satchel Pooch to deal with Bucky and to try to keep his aggression and out-of-control ego in check. Fans of Get Fuzzy know that's about as likely as Bucky perfecting the monkey battery, but the result is always super-charged laughs. Big laughs come with the big images in the Get Fuzzy 2013 Wall Calendar. Each month's art is a full-color Get Fuzzy panel specially redrawn from a great Get Fuzzy strip. The entire original cartoon is also included. Get Fuzzy copyright (c) Darby Conley UPC: 050837293793 EAN: 9781449416973
By: Andrews McMeel
MPN: 050837293793
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