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Frogs WWF 2013 Deluxe Wall Calendar

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ID: 201300002791
Frogs WWF Wall Calendar: Though frogs are among the most adaptable creatures on earth, some frog species are among the most vulnerable, under constant threat from pollution, deforestation, and disease. These denizens of freshwater habitats across the globe come in a rainbow of colors, many of which surface on the pages of this captivating, entertaining calendar. Each frog pictured—from the green tree frog to the poison frog—reminds us that we have a responsibility to safeguard our amphibian friends. In the U.S. and Canada, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) receives 50 cents for each 2013 WWF calendar purchased, with a guaranteed contribution of $50,000. EAN: 9781620210253
By: Calendar Ink
MPN: 9781620210253
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