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Wine Trails 2011 Book

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Wine Trails Book: It all began as a blind tasting academic experiment: Could everyday wine drinkers tell the difference between cheap wine and expensive wine? When the group published its paper showing that they couldn’t, the wine world lit up with controversy. The Wine Trials 2011, by Robin Goldstein and Alexis Herschkowitsch, is the brand-new third edition of the book that grew out of this experiment—the book that challenged the wine establishment and revealed the widely available wines under $15 that beat out wines costing up to ten times their price in blind tastings. Each review includes a cheeky, unpretentious discussion of each wine’s flavors and aromas, and a photo of the bottle for easy identification. UPC: 019628060167

Dimensions: 5.0" x  8.0" x  1.75"
Cover: Paperback
By: Workman Publishing
MPN: 019628060167
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