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Oink Book

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Oink Book: Matt Whyman enjoyed a quiet writer's life in the English countryside... until his career wife, Emma, discovered the existence of a pig said to fit inside a handbag. She believes not one but two would be a perfect addition to the already diverse Whyman clan, which includes a dog, a cat, a gaggle of chickens, as well as four children. Nobody could have anticipated the misadventures two little piglets could bring. From stealing his spot on the family sofa to trashing his neighbor's garden while drunk on fermented apples, Butch and Roxi swiftly establish themselves as "animals of mass distraction". Funny, touching, and endlessly entertaining, Oink charts the battle of hearts, snouts, and minds between a family man and two mini-pigs. By Matt Whyman. Paperback. ISBN: 1451618298 EAN: 9781451618297
Author: Matt Whyman
Dimensions: 5.88" x  9.06" x  0.9"
Page Count: 336
Cover: Paperback
By: Simon & Schuster
MPN: 9781451618297
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