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The Secret Language of Dogs Book

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The Secret Language of Dogs Book: Dogs express themselves in a "secret language" that relies on expressions, body postures, barks and growls. This language contains many subtle-but-important nuances and is very different from human verbal communication, but it is nevertheless a language that can be learned. The Secret Language of Dogs shows you how to interpret what your canine is telling you through their behavior, and it explains how they, in turn, interpret our body language and attempts to communicate and interact with them. Known as "man's best friend" for a reason, dogs are scientifically proven to enhance our quality of life. The Secret Language of Dogs helps return the favor by providing insights into why dogs act as they do. It also contains practical advice for training, addressing common health and behavioral problems, and strengthening the bond with your canine friend. Promptly and properly decoding canine communication is the key to both a contented dog and a confident owner. By Heather Dunphy. This book may have a small Remainder Mark.
Dimensions: 7.0" x  9.0" x  1.0"
By: Thomas Allen Publishers
MPN: 9780887628115
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