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Desktop Shuffleboard

Our Price $34.99
ID: 201000011051
Desktop Shuffleboard: This hand-crafted wooden game is a perfect desktop challenge, especially with the rebound feature. Bounce your pucks around the corner and get them into a scoring area, but don’t push too hard! Stay on the playing field or risk gaining no points for a puck that is out of play. Is your opponent getting too close to winning? No worries! Simply use your puck to knock theirs into the pit and take away their points. A great game with a new challenging twist, this desktop shuffleboard is a must have for anyone who loves strategy and competition. First to 500 points wins! Contents include shuffleboard unit, four red pucks, four blue pucks, and four rubber bands. Intended for two players ages 14 and up. UPC: 703396016487

Dimensions: 6.0" x  13.75" x  2.5"
By: Intex Syndicate, Ltd.
MPN: 703396016487
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