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Skittle Pool Pendulum Cue Skill Game

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ID: 201300011668
Skittle Pool Pendulum Cue Skill Game: Skittle Pool represents the most challenging variation to pool since the game was invented. It's relatively easy for beginners, yet advanced players can take advantage of new angles and opportunities. Aim the swinging ball to hit the stationary ball, the impact is passed to the cue ball to pocket the ball you were aiming for. You can play 8-Ball, Solids and Stripes, and straight pool. Includes 10 real numbered billiard balls, ball rack and two pool pendulums. Measures 23.5" x 23.5" x 14.5". For ages 5 and up. UPC: 855110255112

Dimensions: 24.0" x  24.0" x  4.0"
Age: 5
By: University Games
MPN: 855110255112
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