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Rubik's Revolution Micro Keychain

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ID: 200900012437
Rubik's Revolution is an electronic version of the famous brainteasing puzzle invented by Erno Rubik in 1974. This small keychain version features the lightning-fast game Light Speed that has 6 challenging levels of play. Rather than rotating one side of the cube at a time, you'll need to twist and turn the entire unit to find the correct lights to beat the game. Lights and sound effects keep the action hot as you try to advance through the multiple challenging levels that you unlock as you improve. The Key Clip detaches from the Cube for better game play. Instructions and batteries are included, auto shutoff after 30 seconds on inactivity. Intended for ages 5 and up. UPC: 801561030105

By: Value Source Intl
MPN: 801561030105
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