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Chocolate Suchard 2013 Wall Calendar

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Chocolate Suchard Wall Calendar: This calendar features vintage chocolate ad posters. Discover the history of chocolate and the first chocolatiers. Philippe Suchard was a Swiss chocolatier. In 1826, he opened the factory of Chocolate Suchard in Serrieres. By the end of the 19th century he became the largest chocolate producer. His chocolates won prizes at the London Great Exhibition of 1851 and the Paris Universal Exposition of 1855. Menier and Delespual-Havez were famous French chocolate makers. Kohler invented the first hazelnut chocolate. This is a collection of the most famous vintage chocolate ads: deliciously beautiful. Great gift for the collectors. ISBN: 2849371793 UPC: 3565750173147

By: Editions Clouet
MPN: 3565750173147
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