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Get Fuzzy Say Cheesy Book

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Get Fuzzy Say Cheesy Book: Dogs and cats can be cute, cuddly, and faithful companions. They also can be ornery, unpredictable, and hilarious. Get Fuzzy is all about the latter. In his latest collection, New York Times best-selling author Darby Conley has found uncommon humor and insight in our common, everyday pets. Get Fuzzy has fast become one of the premier comics on the funny pages. Readers of 400 newspapers worldwide enjoy the antics of this award-winning strip. The Wilco household includes Rob the bachelor, Bucky, the cantankerous cat with an attitude, and Satchel, the loveable-but-clueless dog. If animals really could talk, one would expect them to sound like Bucky and Fuzzy. Often, it's the subtle nuances of the strip—from Bucky's hilarious facial expressions to Satchel's dopey innocence—that pack the biggest laughs. Get Fuzzy captures the non-glamorous essence of being a pet owner in a way people who own and operate dogs and cats are sure to love.
Dimensions: 8.5" x  9.0" x  0.38"
By: Andrews McMeel
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