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Dogs by Design Book

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Dogs by Design Book: Specially mixed breeds are all the rage. That's right: according to such media outlets as The Today Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and The New York Times, such “designer dogs” as the puggle, labradoodle, schnoodle, and bagel hound are today's pick of the litter. Filled with more than 150 color photos of adorable man-made mutts and their purebred parents, Dogs by Design explores both sides of this hot new trend. Written by bestselling author Ilene Hochberg, it examines how the mixed-breed craze began, what its future might be, and the unexpected controversy surrounding these canine creations—and also helps would-be owners determine if a hybrid is right for them. Included are the characteristics of each dog, input from owners and breeders, and a comprehensive list of breeders with their contact information. By Ilene Hochberg, 160 pages, Softcover. This book may have a small Remainder Mark. ISBN: 1402743548 EAN: 9781402743542
Author: Hene Hochberg
Dimensions: 6.06" x  8.96" x  0.44"
By: Sterling
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