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The Big Book of Visual Sudoku

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The Big Book of Visual Sudoku reinvents the world' most popular number game by adding a second visual "layer" on top of the traditional number/logic puzzle—using symbols and pictures instead of numbers. It's a paradigm shift, 273 puzzles that present Sudoku for both sides of the brain, left (the logical) and right (the visual). The puzzles are oversized, colorful, graphically arresting—but also challenging. The underlying puzzles are handcrafted by an expert; unlike computer-generated Sudoku, these puzzles draw in the user with symmetry, elegance, and surprise and give the effect and deep satisfaction of matching wits with a master. But then comes the twist: Instead of traditional numbers, the boxes are filled by: clock faces, with the hands pointing from one o'clock to nine o'clock; dominoes, with dots to fill in; box score graphics from a baseball game (players one through nine, of course); plus Roman numerals, playing cards, human hands signing numbers, Japanese characters, and more. The puzzles are rated Easy to Hard, and solutions are printed in the back. This book may have a small Remainder Mark. EAN: 9780761165798
By: Workman Publishing
MPN: 9780761165798
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