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Trivial Pursuit Party Game

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ID: 201400012553
Trivial Pursuit Party Game: Get into a challenging battle of wits in a whole new way with this updated version of the classic Trivial Pursuit game! You still have to come up with answers on each space, but now you can win a wedge on any space – and 6 wedges still wins the game! Can you keep up with the faster gameplay? You can still aim for the categories you know the best, but you get to choose your own category when you land on a Wedges Wild space. Having trouble with an answer? Ask a Friend, and if they're right, you both get a wedge! Who will be the ultimate trivia master now that the rules have changed? You'll have to play to find out! • New version of Trivial Pursuit features faster gameplay • Win a wedge on any space • Wedges Wild spaces mean you can choose your own category • Includes 1,200 questions in 6 categories • You can Ask a Friend if you can't come up with an answer, and you both get a wedge if they're right UPC:653569887423

Dimensions: 10.5" x  8.0" x  2.37"
Age: Adult,Teen
By: Hasbro
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