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Anomia Game

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Anomia Game: Have you ever thought about the fact that our minds are positively brimming with all sorts of random information? Geniuses like Sherlock Holmes meticulously stores these information in a think-castle. What about you? Normally, it's easy to give an example of a frozen food or a dog breed; but can you do it before your opponent has a chance to blurt out their answers? Who knows! Pay attention, it could be your turn at any time! ANOMIA will have everyone laughing out loud in real life while they try to beat each other to the punch. Beware! While you may think giving an example for a type of shoe or an ice cream flavor might be easy, you will find that your brain works a little differently under pressure! A National Competition Winner, Anomia is selected by Mensa. UPC:798304062885

Dimensions: 4.0" x  5.5" x  1.25"
Age: 10
By: Everest
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