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The Best Places to Go Book

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The Best Places to Go Book: This isn't your typical travel guidebook. You won't find exhaustive lists of every winery in Napa Valley or every B&B in upstate New York. What you will find is a collection of USA Today's popular "10 Great Places" columns that offer an in-depth look at what experts have deemed the best places to go in the United States and around the world. Romantics are sure to fall in love with our list of 10 great places to keep the fires burning, and foodies will drool over the 10 great places to chow down on barbecue. The 10 great places to remember D-Day's fallen heroes are sure to pique the interest of history buffs, while music lovers will get jazzed over 10 great festivals to cure the summertime blues. The book also highlights specific cities and regions as well as helpful travel tips. Offering "10 Great Places" columns on museums, sports venues, parks, hotels, restaurants, and everything in between, this book is packed with useful information as well as interesting tidbits about the featured destination. This book may have a small Remainder Mark. EAN: 9781605539126
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