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War and Peace in the Air Book

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War and Peace in the Air Book: War and Peace in the Air, the final book in the acclaimed five-volume Aviation Century series, explores the influence of aviation in the major wars and minor conflicts since World War II. The authors also examine the dangers of flight, including airborne disasters, accident investigations and threats from terrorism, and speculate on the myriad ways in which aviation will change in the near and far future. Included are: The introduction of the jet engine and the changes it brought in training, logistics and administration; Improvements in weaponry, avionics and aircraft systems in the transformation of basic bombers and fighters; The history of flight safety; and much more. Rare archival photographs and newly photographed color images add to the entertaining and informative text. All the current photographs have been shot on site or in museums, collections or the field. Hardcover. ISBN: 1550464302 EAN: 9781550464306
Author: Ron Dick and Dan Patterson
Dimensions: 9.25" x  11.25" x  1.38"
Page Count: 352
Cover: Hardcover
By: Boston Mills Press
MPN: 9781550464306
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